Letting Go of the Negative Energy of Other’s in 3 Easy Steps

I pride myself with caring and being sensitive to others and I am unapologetic for it. What I do apologize for is not putting myself first! I’ve been known to open myself up to try to “fix” people. Always knowing that I am there for those who have “needed” me, made me feel like a great human being. In fact, till this very moment, I know that I was placed on this planet to help others become the best version of themselves.

The issue here is that I never released the negative energy I took on and never quite understood why I was attracting such a low caliber of individuals who were not interested in being great people nor were they interested in my well being. Additionally, I’ve learned; it is not my responsibility to assist others when they are not open for change. Instead, it is my responsibility to fix myself.

How could I grow myself if I’m carrying the heaviness of other people? The projected energy of friends, family and co-workers? Even strangers?

I remember moment I realized I could actually feel energy. Walking into work one day, the place was dead. It was super early, yet, I felt a staleness in the air. Although I didn’t quite understand it, I couldn’t fathom what had come over me, I was sad and drained. The energy took me to a place I didn’t deserve to be. I will never forget that day!

In recent times, after months of personal development, I decided to hire a business and life coach, Jeffery Combs, www.goldenmastermind.com. Jeff has single handily changed the quality of my life and my husband’s life. After attending a retreat, entitled Breakthroughs to Success, in Stockton, CA on December 2016 with Jeffery and his team, I began to understand the gift I have been given, the gift of feeling and understanding energy and vibration. The moment I officially discovered the power I had was following the event. I had several breakthroughs of my own during the retreat and was officially on cloud 9, we gathered at a local bar following the event and were surrounded by so many individuals. The place had a dark cloud over it at times during the evening. There was a gentleman that came very close to my friends and I at the end of the night. I suddenly felt dull and drained, a lot like the time at the office. Soon, I realized that he had transferred his energy onto me. The feeling was so heavy, I felt it from the tips of my toes to the center of my heart.

At that very moment, I remember the teaching I received during my yoga teacher training. I knew I had to release this negative energy and simply… I followed these 3 easy steps:

1) Close your eyes in prayer and express gratitude for awareness of the situation. Setting an intention to release the energy that is not serving you.

2) Ask for continued protection and guidance and begin to envision a symbol of happiness (a person, a place, a flower, for me it was a unicorn.)

3) Remembering Prana (Sanskrit for breath or vital force). Inhaling through the nose and exhaling out of the mouth until you physically feel the release of unwanted energy, repeating as many times as necessary and LET GO!

My mission is to continue on my journey and with my current studies, in both personal development and yoga. I’ve learned to not only vibrate at a higher level but to also release the negative energy of others.
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